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Students and enthusiasts of martial arts have many reasons for their interest. Some are drawn to the physical fitness and weight-loss aspects of training. Others seek to add discipline and self control to their lives, while still others are concerned about safety and self-defense.

Whether you are interested in our programs for mental or physical well being, Tien Tae Jitsu offers a number of programs that will fit your developmental needs and your busy schedule as well. Click here to view our Weekly Class Schedule.

Tien Tae Jitsu
Tien Tae Jitsu (TTJ) is a complete and eclectic martial arts system with an emphasis on self-defense. It combines the elegance and graceful beauty of Tien Shan P'ai Kung Fu with the speed, power, and leaping kicks of Tae Kwon Do, and the flowing movements of Jujitsu.

TTJ is family-orientated martial art. It has something to offer all ages and all family members!

Self Defense for Teens & Adults
It seems not a day goes by that we don't hear some terrible story of a person getting attacked, abducted, or worse.

This weekly class teaches techniques that are both easy to remember, and execute. No special skills are required, and anyone can participate - regardless of their fitness level.

This program is also offered by request as a 6 hour introductory course. After completion of this course, participants may choose to further their self defense skills by completing the intermediate and advanced self defense classes, or by enrolling in our weekly class.

This course is offered quarterly, and also can be conducted for groups by appointment at a discounted rate.

We have both community service and fee based programs available to groups upon request. Please contact us for information.

T'ai Chi
Tien T'ai Chi is a gentle, flowing yet powerful art. It is great exercise for students of all ages and physical abilities.

T'ai Chi can provide numerous health benefits including increased strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination, lowered blood pressure, improved circulation, aid for arthritis sufferers, and stress relief.

Advanced Students continue on to T'ai Chi Chuan, the soft, yet powerful self-defense applications of the T'ai Chi form.

This class is an excellent workout for both teens and adults. It offers cardio and strength training as well as improved balance and flexibility, and is appropriate for beginner through advanced students.

You don't have to be in shape to get in shape! Learn proper blocking, striking, and kicking techniques while you also get a great cardiovascular workout.

Little Dragons - Currently on Hiatus
Martial Arts, stranger danger, and life skills specially formulated for 4 & 5 year olds.

Kids' Self Defense
We have both community service and fee based programs available to groups upon request. Please contact us for information.

Home Defense
Home Invasions are the fastest growing crime in the US! What would you do if a dangerous criminal invaded your home? What if there were two or more intruders? What if they were armed with knives or guns?


Register for Tien Tae Jitsu’s four-hour Home Invasion Plan of Action course and learn how to plan and prepare to protect you and your family.

Home Invasion Plan of Action covers details of a layered home defense, various plans of action, and how to customize your own plan of action unique to your home and household.

Leadership Skills
This exciting class teaches leadership skills through martial arts related activities. In addition, special weapons and self defense excercises not taught in other TTJ curriculums will be offered here.

Enrollment is by application or invitiation. Purple belts and higher are eligible to apply.

MAAV Advocacy
Martial Artists Against Violence

Seminar Topic: How Martial Artists Can Promote Non-Violence
Outline and Course Materials by Master Eric Johnson

Visit our MAAV Facebook page!

Private Lessons
Also offering private Self Defense, TTJ, Kickboxing, or T'ai Chi lessons.

Please Contact Us if you have any questions about our programs or would like to know about other programs that may not be listed here.