Sponsors And Links

Sponsors and Links

The following is a list of sponsors and resources that we have found valuable. Many thanks to these local businesses for their continued support!

Please let us know if any of our links point to sites that may no longer be valid. Feel free to suggest additional links that we should add to our list.

Help Stop Bullying!
CerebralPalsyGuidance.com was created to provide detailed information on cerebral palsy, including facts about children with cerebral palsy. Children living with CP are at increased risk when it comes to bullying.

MAAV: Martial Artists Against Violence
MAAV Mission Statement

As Martial Artists, we understand that violence has always been a part of human history, and we know that unfortunately, there is sometimes a time and place where nothing but force can be used to stop a threat. We practice self-defense skills, and we recognize there are times that violent actions give us our best chance of surviving an encounter with a hostile threat.

As Martial Artists, we believe force and violence should be a last resort. Force is often the first option chosen, rather than the last, by someone who feels they have been wronged, or in some way treated disrespectfully.

We hope to inspire others to join in our philosophies, and practices. We hope to inspire and lead others to seek peaceful solutions to conflict.

We are... Martial Artist Against Violence

Words of Wisdom: Life Lessons
Master Johnson's book, available on Amazon.

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